Careers for Veterans – Finding a Job in the Civilian World

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Transitioning from the military back into the civilian world can be challenging, particularly from a career perspective.

While many veterans acquire mountains of occupational experience during their service, translating that into a civilian job isn’t always easy. Some occupation categories don’t have a precise civilian equivalent. Many veterans want to head in a new direction after leaving the military, favoring a career change over a straight-line shift into a similar role.

Thankfully, some resources can help veterans find a right-fit job in the civilian world. TalentGro’s Veterans Support services can help make transitioning easier. Here is a look at just some of the services available through TalentGro and built into apprenticeships.


During a job search, the interview is a critical part of any hiring process. Since service members don’t encounter these kinds of interviews during their military careers, preparation can be vital to their success.

Through TalentGro, veterans can get access to interview preparation support. Along with coursework designed to familiarize veterans with this part of the hiring process, they’ll learn about other critical steps, including how to follow up after the interview is done. Additionally, they can receive one-on-one coaching from TalentGro, increasing their odds of interview success even further.


Many veterans have a well-developed skill set. However, they don’t all transition into the civilian world seamlessly. Additionally, while many veterans have useful capabilities, they may not have formal credentials to add to their resume, making it harder to land a position.

Through the TalentGro program, all of those challenges can be addressed. Approved veterans get access to a wide range of courses, allowing them to develop critical career-boosting skills. Additionally, they receive certificates once they pass the course, giving them a way to showcase themselves as subject matter experts.

The training programs cover a wide range of skill areas, giving veterans options that can help them shape their careers. Plus, a complete roadmap is available, allowing them to build on the knowledge they acquire as they follow the path while also positioning them as stronger candidates with each course they complete.


Through TalentGro’s services, veterans get access to more career-boosting opportunities. Along with workforce training options, veterans can learn about job openings that align with their skills, including positions at leading employers throughout the area.

Plus, TalentGro actively markets veterans to area companies that can benefit from their knowledge, skills, and experience. This creates even more avenues for long-term career success, increasing their access to right-fit positions that can help them achieve their professional goals.

If you’re a veteran looking for a job in the civilian world, the team at TalentGro wants to hear from you. E-mail our Veterans Employment Outreach Coordinator, Karleton Lawrence at today and see how our various programs and our jobs for veterans can help you get your post-military career moving in the right direction.

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