TalentGro facilitates access to military benefits through apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

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Franklin, TN, March 2022 – Through partnerships with entities such as the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Labor and US Army Reserves, TalentGro is among the first organizations to connect transitioning military members, reservists, veterans, and their families with benefits that are only accessible through apprenticeships and select employment opportunities.

There are two key programs that allow TalentGro this exclusive access: DOD SkillBridge and US Army Reserve Private Public Partnership (P3). These programs, coupled with Registered Apprenticeships and the VALOR Act provide a win-win scenario for service members and employers who are constantly looking for talent.

Through the SkillBridge program, the employer partner works with the transitioning service member in their last six months of service to help them transition out of the military and into the civilian workforce.  The DoD pays the service member’s salary and benefits while the service member participates in SkillBridge. DOD’s goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for military members; not short-term jobs, but careers with good pay and opportunities for advancement, similar to what they had while in the Service.

The P3 Program assists Army Reserve soldiers, eligible veterans, civilians, and family members in gaining access to unique training opportunities that allow them to apply their military expertise and civilian leadership skills at work and in the community. P3 bridges the unemployment gap and connects the Army Reserve to employment-related partnerships to assist with the challenges of regaining employment.

Our military members, veterans and their families have all sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom and way of life,” said COO Shari Franey.  “We felt it was time to give back and have been fortunate enough to enter partnerships where we can do just that!  Through TalentGro, our military members and veterans get access to their well-deserved benefits such as Basic Allowance for Housing or GI Bill entitlements, while employer partners benefit from access to the experience, skills, and unmatched work ethos service members bring to the workforce” 

TalentGro can help employers build their talent pipeline through direct access to talented individuals leaving the military.  Each year approximately 200,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces, stationed in over 140 military installations in the U.S. and overseas, leave active duty and re-enter the civilian workforce.  TalentGro also has relationships with veteran’s employment organizations that aid in placing veterans in viable employment opportunities.

“We look forward to helping organizations that are interested in participating in our various programs.  By partnering with us, employers can leverage access to military benefits as an incentive to help with recruitment and retention, while providing fulfilling employment and benefits to our nations’ heroes. We can also assist with Direct Hire or Placement Services, so that employers can fill their workforce with military talent,” said Veteran’s Employment Outreach Coordinator, Karl Lawrence (USMC-Retired).

About TalentGro

TalentGro is charged with developing and implementing solutions to address the growing skills gap in the current workforce, which are caused by several key factors including:  incoming workers who are oftentimes lacking the skills and knowledge needed by employers, the cost of turnover and poor retention, and the currently aging workforce with impending retirement.  The apprenticeships that TalentGro provides are a viable means of preparing the workforce for careers in a variety of occupations including Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT and Business Services. Visit www.talentgro.com for more information.


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