Let’s face it, looking for a full-time job, is a full-time job! There are so many jobs in the workforce today and there is so much to know, from computer programs, new technology, production and factoring costs, the list seems endless and depending on your industry, it’s only getting longer and longer. One thing you know is that you need training and an education to get a good job. But there are two problems: tuition cost and time.

As the cost of education increases, another form of education is advancing: the apprenticeship. Department of Labor studies reveal that low-cost or paid apprenticeship jobs are making a rebound among young people, adults already established in the workforce, and military veterans. Apprenticeships can be a viable solution for almost everyone. If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship program instead of a traditional degree or vocational certificate, consider this:

  • What are you interested in learning?
  • What apprenticeship program will produce the best results for you?
  • What companies are sponsoring programs? — The government offers grants to companies to incentivize the growth of apprenticeship programs nationwide. Employers use these apprenticeship programs as a tool to train and recruit highly skilled workers, foster productivity, and reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

Bottom line: Apprenticeships are becoming a popular alternative to expensive, college degree and vocational/technical school certificate programs. By learning a specific skill or trade, many workers have secured a lifetime of good job prospects and high pay. Check below for apprenticeship opportunities


Why An Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can be a viable solution for almost everyone. Information about Apprenticeship opportunities.

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How Do Apprenticeships Work?

Here are some facts for you to consider as you decide if this is the right opportunity for you.

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Apprenticeship Requirements

The minimum age requirement for participation in the Apprenticeship program is 18, and candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. Find out what else is required.

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