We Understand Manufacturing Employers’ Workforce Challenges

Our current workforce is suffering from a skills gap – the problems you face as an employer are indicative of the problems faced nationally. This situation can only be remedied by a collaborative effort of employers, educators and funding sources.

We understand some of the problems to be…

  • An inability to fulfill current and future job vacancies, as employers continue to face retirement of the incumbent workforce.

  • In the Manufacturing industry, employers are facing another industrial revolution which requires workers to possess or acquire new skills in computers, automation, and robotics.

  • In the IT industry, employers are challenged by the requirements and restraints of the HBI Visa process and recognize there is talent locally that can be educated and nurtured instead to fill these high-salary and high demand jobs.

What is an Apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are known as a viable means of preparing the workforce for careers in a variety of occupations including manufacturing, healthcare, IT and financial services. There are over 2500 occupations recognized by the Department of Labor (DOL) as apprenticeable careers. These occupations, registered through the US Department of Labor, have specific job tasks identified and are referred to as Registered Apprenticeships.

What is a Sponsor and/or Intermediary? Every Apprenticeship program has a “sponsor” or author.  Strong intermediaries are crucial to the development and management of apprenticeships.  Our roles as sponsor and intermediary are:

  • Identify and recruit new employees

  • Coordinate educational providers

  • Employ the apprentices

  • Coach and mentor the current workforce

  • Provide Related Instruction

  • Act as liaison with oversight agencies

Is this a solution for your company? Many companies do not have the knowledge or bandwidth to implement and sustain a Registered Apprenticeship Program. This is the value of TalentGro’s Offering: We provide the Sponsorship and Intermediary Services for any size company.

We also offer solutions to employers including Virtual Reality training (currently specific to Forklift operation), and Soft Skills training. Find out more by clicking on the links below.

Solutions To Employers’ Problems

Grant Funding

As an Intermediary Services provider, TalentGro can identify available grant funds and resources to create and manage apprenticeship programs for employers.

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Apprenticeships/Intermediary Services

Our current registered apprenticeships include Manufacturing and Information Technology (IT), with future expansion into Logistics, Healthcare and STEM.

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Virtual Reality Training

We currently offer Virtual Reality Forklift training and assessment services, which we have in 6 of our offices.

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Surge Training

Online Training from TalentGro and Tooling U-SME offers a quick-start, progressive road map that allows manufacturers to build career paths for employees.

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