Hiring Former Military – 5 Soft Skills Veterans Bring to the Table

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When you need to fill a vacant position, finding candidates with the right soft skills is essential. When professionals have the proper traits, they aren’t just more effective in their role; they are a bigger asset to their team and company.

Often, military veterans have plenty to offer in that department, increasing their odds of success in nearly any environment. If you’re wondering why hiring veterans is a wise move, here is a look at five soft skills they typically bring to the table and why those traits matter.

1. Leadership

If there is one thing the military generally does well, it’s developing leadership skills. Each service member is taught to lead by example and guide others with an expert hand, ensuring the broad success of not just each individual but also the group.

Since veterans are highly aware of what it takes to lead effectively and the importance of letting others lead, they integrate into hierarchical structures quickly. Additionally, they aren’t afraid to step up when the moment dictates that’s the best course, ensuring that there is a source of reliable guidance at all times.

2. Teamwork

Another area where the military shines is developing teamwork skills. Service members learn the importance of supporting one another and trusting that those around them will do their part to ensure the success of the mission.

Since group goals are a common part of the military experience, veterans are adept at collaboration and doing their part. Plus, since relocating is a common occurrence in the military, most veterans can quickly adapt to new team members, allowing them to remain efficient regardless of how the group composition changes over time.

3. Poise

When it comes to poise, veterans often possess that trait in spades. Staying calm under pressure is a necessity when you’re in the military, so most veterans have an in-depth understanding of how to remain metered and focused, even during chaotic times.

4. Efficient

In the military, operational efficiency is a priority. Many veterans understand that doing more with less can come with the territory and that working quickly isn’t just desirable in many cases; it’s an outright necessity. As a result, they are skilled at finding optimal solutions whenever they are presented with challenges.

5. Integrity

Honesty, accountability, and self-awareness are all essential when you’re serving. Often, veterans are therefore guided by personal integrity, making them highly trustworthy, security conscious, and more. This can make them assets in a variety of situations. Whether a project involves sensitive information or they’re faced with an ethical dilemma, you can rest assured that veterans will always focus on doing what’s right above all else.

Ultimately, veterans frequently possess all five of the valuable soft skills above, making them great additions to any workforce. If you’d like to find out more about why hiring veterans can be a brilliant business move, the team at TalentGro wants to hear from you. E-mail our Veterans Employment Outreach Coordinator, Karleton Lawrence at klawrence@hamilton-ryker.com today.

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