Hamilton-Ryker’s TalentGro® division partners in DoL grant to help create and expand healthcare apprenticeships.

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Franklin, TN, November 2020 – Healthcare continues to be the fastest growing industry in our nation’s economy, and so it’s no surprise that the Department of Labor awarded a nearly $6M grant to the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program (HAEP) submitted by Argentum and Hamilton-Ryker last fall.  HAEP grant partners include Argentum as the lead applicant/fiduciary agent, Hamilton-Ryker as the intermediary, and Family Scholar House as the provider of support services for apprentices; and they will be serving more than 7,200 participants over the next four years. Targeted occupations include pathways in direct patient care, healthcare leadership and healthcare cybersecurity specialists.

One unique feature of the grant is the use of an intermediary model for onboarding employers and expanding the apprenticeship model.  Hamilton-Ryker’s workforce development division, TalentGro, is to act as the intermediary.  Hamilton-Ryker is a national total workforce development solutions company and its division, TalentGro is dedicated to upskilling the workforce and creating new opportunities through apprenticeship and education.

The rollout of the program is already underway, with Argentum gaining National Standards approval and Hamilton-Ryker TalentGro applying to each state for sponsorship approval.  Currently, Hamilton-Ryker has 14 states approved to participate with more pending.

Using only the national standards for the program prohibits our employers from getting state and local support,” says Shari Franey, Chief 0perating Officer of Hamilton-Ryker.  “Our roll-out of this program includes the apprenticeships defined in the HAEP Grant, but also includes the expansion of additional support roles for our healthcare providers and facilities, which is critical as we work to meet their current and future workforce needs.”

Many employers had previously declined to add the apprenticeship model in their workforce development programs citing different challenges in programmatic development.  However, by using TalentGro as the intermediary, they are now embracing apprenticeships.  TalentGro is assuming responsibility for the application process, monitoring the program, reporting, and seeking sponsorship approval from each state as well as additional funding.  Using this approach, healthcare providers can continue working on patient care while leaving the coordination of the programmatic approval to a trusted partner.




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