TalentGro’s workforce development program receives prestigious Elevate Award from the American Staffing Association.

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Franklin, TN, October 2021 – Distributed on an annual basis since 2018, ASA’s Elevate Award celebrates the staffing industry’s most innovative and effective workforce development programs for temporary and contract employees. Both the Elevate Award and honorable mention distinctions are conferred in award classes by company revenue. This year, TalentGro, a division of Hamilton-Ryker, received the award for a staffing agency in the $25-$100 million category.

We are truly honored and grateful to receive this award, as it substantiates the vision we had when we first launched TalentGro in 2018.   We wanted to expand our existing portfolio of services by offering work-based learning programs, apprenticeships and intermediary services, virtual reality forklift training, and soft skills training to both temporary and incumbent workers, and this award affirms that we have done that successfully,” said CEO Kelly McCreight.

TalentGro is charged with developing and implementing solutions to address the growing skills gap in the current workforce, which are caused by several key factors including:  incoming workers who are oftentimes lacking the skills and knowledge needed by employers, the cost of turnover and poor retention, and the currently aging workforce with impending retirement.  The apprenticeships that TalentGro provides are a viable means of preparing the workforce for careers in a variety of occupations including Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT and Business Services.

“TalentGro’s service offerings are a winning solution for everyone, and a great example of how we can equip employees with the resources and skills to engage in a competitive job market, while providing the structure and management for employers to launch their own apprenticeship programs,” said Chief Operating Officer Shari Franey. “We are currently managing over 1,500 apprentices through 400 plus employers.”

For temporary employees and incumbent workers, apprenticeships are a popular alternative to expensive college degrees or vocational/technical school certificate programs. Moreover, apprenticeships offer candidates and employees the ability to earn while they learn, so they can begin earning a paycheck as soon as they begin working and obtain their education, in most cases at no cost to them.  Furthermore, by learning a specific skill or trade, many workers can secure a lifetime of good job prospects and high pay.

The value of TalentGro’s offering also extends to employers through the provision of Intermediary Services. Every Apprenticeship program has a “sponsor” or author.  Strong intermediaries are crucial to the development and management of apprenticeships.  TalentGro’s role as sponsor and intermediary includes: identifying and recruiting new employees; coordinating educational providers; employing the apprentices; coaching and mentoring the current workforce; providing Related Technical Instruction; and maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies.  Through TalentGro, employers can implement apprenticeship programs, without having to manage the oftentimes cumbersome process.


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For more information about TalentGro’s parent company, Hamilton-Ryker, and the additional Total Workforce Solutions they offer, visit www.hamilton-ryker.com .

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