Virtual Reality Training Could Be the Secret to Closing the Skills Gap

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The quality of your training directly affects the success of your employees. Whether you need to onboard new staff or help current workers learn something new, Virtual Reality Based Training is a new and effective way to give your staff the experience that they need. This immersive technology allows you to put workers into situations similar to those they would encounter on the job. Then, VR Training helps them build the tools they need to be able to accurately and adequately perform their duties.

Advantages of VR Training

Virtual reality technology allows you to place trainees in a simulated setting without the need for that actual setting. This type of training resource provides all the following advantages:

Ability to Safely Train with “Hands-On” Experience:

Let’s say you need to train workers on how to react to dangerous situations. With VR Training, trainees can be exposed to those situations without any real danger. It’s a safe and effective way to help workers know what to do and get practice doing it. Simply relying on words-only training is not as effective as “hands-on” experience.

Improve Training Efficiency:

Most new grads can tell you that book smarts are great, but the real learning comes from the “school of hard knocks.” And that’s what VR Training is all about. You can improve knowledge application and therefore the speed of learning—plus knowledge retention. VR Training extends learning capabilities beyond those of traditional classroom-style instruction.

Cost Effective:

When your staff can log in to participate in VR Training, you negate the need to hire and pay trainers. Plus, you can extend VR Training beyond just the trainee participating in it. Others in the class can see what the trainee is experiencing—expanding the number of people who can be trained at once if needed.

VR Training Forecast:

This new, innovative tech means that training is available in a wide range of prices and models—so you can choose an option that fits your budget and technology capabilities. Opportunities for training on a virtual reality forklift are currently available in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Get Training Support From Your Recruiter

Working with a premier staffing agency like Hamilton-Ryker can give you access to the training support you need to keep your workers up to speed with industry developments and safety requirements. To learn more, check with your recruiter about training opportunities. And if you’re looking to staff up in Georgetown, KY, check out Hamilton-Ryker. To learn more, contact us today!

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